A numbers game: Are the odds in your favor?

Man smoking a cigar in a casino

That’s how much tobacco companies spent in one year to try to make you smoke and use tobacco products.


That’s how much money people spent on tobacco products in one year.


That’s how many people died one year from using those same tobacco products. They died of everything from cancer to heart disease to secondhand smoke.

Each year, tobacco companies spend billions of dollars to try to promote a product that multiplies cancer risks by a factor of anywhere from 13 to 23 and causes millions of preventable deaths every year. They spend this money to encourage you to take up a habit that will, statistically speaking, kill you. Not only that, but with the help of tobacco products, you are likely to die almost 15 years earlier than a non-tobacco user.

Think about it: Hundreds of millions of people spending hundreds of billions of dollars each year to buy products that will make them sick or kill them? Does that make sense to you? Do you want to be one of the five million who gives their money — and their lives — to big tobacco companies?

Don’t fall for their trap. Educate yourself about the risks of tobacco use.

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