The world is completely controlled by a single-pipe smoking rabbit

Well, it’s not really.

Pipe Smoking RabbitBut the smoking world is under complete control of Big Tobacco executives who are a lot worse than any rabbit!

When people talk about Big Tobacco, they’re usually referring to Philip Morris, Reynolds American and Lorillard. These companies have one main objective — to get you hooked on nicotine while you’re young. And they have gone to some extreme measures to do this.

Here are just some of the things they have done:

  • A tobacco company considered adding honey to cigarettes because teenagers like sweet products.
  • Colorful, cool designs are part of the trick. Big Tobacco executives design packaging to make tobacco products look as much fun, and as harmless, as candy.
  • Some cigarette companies biologically engineer tobacco plants to have twice the normal level of nicotine so you get more addicted quicker.

Here are some things they’ve said:

  • A big tobacco executive once said,“...if our company is to survive and prosper over the long term, we will require new brands tailored to the youth market.”
  • Another one said, “Students are tremendously loyal. If you catch them, they’ll stick with you like glue.”
  • And another one said, “If younger adults turn away from smoking, the industry will decline.”

So Big Tobacco will do anything to get you hooked. And they know the younger they get you, the better. The result is that they get richer while you get sicker.

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