Does smoking look cool?

SmokerOr is it just a lazy way to portray a rebel?

We think it’s just laziness.

In reality, it’s not a good look. Like everything in Hollywood, the cool smoking thing is fake.

But the problem is, studies have proved that smoking in movies does encourage teens to try cigarettes.

Because of this, some people are trying to give movies with smoking an “R” rating. It’s not meant to keep teens out of more movies.

On average, movies rated PG-13 make twice as much at the box office as R-rated movies do. So no producer will think it worthwhile to release a film rated “R” for smoking alone. The result would probably be less smoking in movies rated PG-13 and younger.

It’s not only in movies that we see smoking.

Advertising cigarettes on TV was banned about 40 years ago. But we still see a lot of smoking on TV shows.

Mad MenOn Mad Men, which is set about 50 years ago, the cast smokes herbal cigarettes, and while they don't contain nicotine, and aren’t made with the same leaves and chemicals found in your standard box of Marlboros, they’re not a whole lot better for you.

In fact, they're not far off from tobacco because they still produce carbon monoxide, tar and other potentially carcinogenic chemicals.

Are you encouraged to try smoking because you see it so much in the movies and on TV? Do you think it looks cool?

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