Privacy Policy is intended for Delaware residents age 13–18. While you’re on here, remember, the Internet is a public place. Everything you post here, or on any site really, could be seen by anyone at any time. So be appropriate. Don’t give out any personal information. And keep your password to yourself.

Speaking of appropriate, we will be monitoring everything submitted to Anything we find to be inappropriate will not be posted. And mean or irrelevant comments will be deleted. Not that you would go there anyway, because if you’re on here, you’re probably a pretty awesome person to begin with and wouldn’t do that, right?

And one more thing…no worries, we will not sell or share your information. We simply need to collect certain info from you when you create an account and and/or upload content so we can be sure you’re eligible to use the site and snag free stuff. We obviously need to know where to send the merchandise too, and who to contact if we think your work is so awesome we want to use it in a commercial. But your contact information will be kept securely on our server and only used for those purposes.

Bottom line, get involved, have fun and just keep it clean. Enjoy!