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A cigarette takes about 7 minutes to smoke, and each cigarette takes 7 minutes off your life. Show us how you spend your 7 instead of smoking by taking a pic or vid of you in a My7Minutes tee doing whatever you love, post it here and get more free stuff.

Blue Rocks Contest

Impact Night at the Wilmington Blue Rocks

On June 14, 2013, we will be giving away 1,500 t-shirts to youth 14 and under who attend the Blue Rocks baseball game. And that’s where you come in—we need a design for the shirt and want to use yours!

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This Habit

You shouldn’t use tobacco because it is a very unhealthy habit to get into.

This habit causes harm and many risks to your body. This habit can cause cancer in your lungs, throat and mouth. This habit is very expensive and very addicting. And, if you’re under the age of 18, this habit is illegal.

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Close, But No Cigar

Think cigars are safer than cigarettes? Think again.

In movies, we’ve all seen businessmen, gangsters and even heroes, celebrating with a cigar to look “sophisticated.” They almost make you believe that cigar smoking is not only cool, but isn’t harmful. We know they’re not fooling anybody.

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College Stress Relievers

College means freedom: the freedom to stay out as late as you like, the freedom to choose your own classes, the freedom to surround yourself with an entirely new group of people. You’re forced out of your little hometown bubble and into a new experience.

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Snus is no alternative

It might sound cute and cuddly, like it wants to give you a big hug. But snus is actually the Swedish name for smokeless tobacco or snuff. American tobacco companies brought snus from Sweden to the United States, looking to replace sales lost from fewer smokers. Like chewing tobacco, snus is placed between your lip and gums. But unlike chewing tobacco, the snus “juice” is meant to be swallowed. Yuck!

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What to say to parents who smoke

You can’t escape the message that smoking is bad for you. But that doesn’t make everyone quit. If your parents smoke, you might be worried about their health. You might be sick of smelling the smoke. You might even be a little embarrassed by it.

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Pipe Smoking Rabbit

The world is completely controlled by a single-pipe smoking rabbit

Well, it’s not really. But the smoking world is under complete control of Big Tobacco executives who are a lot worse than any rabbit!

When people talk about Big Tobacco, they’re usually referring to Philip Morris, Reynolds American and Lorillard. These companies have one main objective — to get you hooked on nicotine while you’re young. And they have gone to some extreme measures to do this.

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Does Smoking Look Cool?

Or is it just a lazy way to portray a rebel? We think it’s just laziness. In reality, it’s not a good look. Like everything in Hollywood, the cool smoking thing is fake. But the problem is, studies have proved that smoking in movies does encourage teens to try cigarettes.

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